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Elyse Knowles is the quintessential girl next door! Born & bred in Melbourne, after just 24 years she has made a very impressive name for herself modelling in Sydney, Hong Kong, China, New York, LA & Miami! Elyse was first introduced to modelling as a 10-year-old & was a natural from the get go. 2016 & 2015 have been some of her biggest years yet!! Some of her biggest roles to date have included being the face of The Caulfied Cup Carnival 2016, The face of EMU Australia,  Billabong Australia, ulta3and the office Rolex Melbourne Grand Prix Ambassador in 2015! Elyse was taken on by 22 Management and has big plans in her sights in both Australia & the US! Despite being a tomboy at heart, little Miss Knowles is one to watch on the big stage! 

Hello, Elyse Knowles

In three words you are...

Laid back, Tom-boy, Dream catcher 

Style Icons for 2016?

Tash OakleyJesinta CampbellJen Hawkins

Elyse in the summertime... 

I chase the sun as much as I can. It makes me happy! Even to be outside in the sun for 20 min a day can make me feel so much happier. If I'm at work in the studio, at lunch time I'll be running out the door to sit in a dressing gown & eat my lunch in a sunny spot. Fresh air & sun is the key to my happiness...and I always cover up with sunblock!! 

Tips for keeping fit & healthy in summer? 

I feel strong & on my game if I'm in tip top condition. I absolutely love waking up after a solid gym session the day before & feeling sore and tense! It not only means that I'm working my muscles but it also means that I'm pushing my limits & strengthening my fitness and endurance.

For all of my tips, training regimes & health recipes... check out THE LIFE OF KNOWLZY ... all my tricks of the trade are there! 

 In my makeup bag is... 

ulta3  Cc cream, mascara , bronzer, eye brow pencil and gel, blush, a brown / orange pallet of eye shadow, contouring set with highlighter. Eye lash curler. I hav so much makeup. I love changing it up and exploring with colour and technique 

People wouldn't expect I... 

Ride motor bikes. We have a block of land up in the Perionses Forest, we all sleep in a shed with mattresses and then go riding all day in the bush ! I LOVE IT !!

In summary, I try and tell myself evrryday 


“Appreciate everything I have”

and last but not least…


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Elyse Knowles 

Elyse Knowles 

By Emily Abay 

By Emily Abay